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Bukola Omole: Strength

You can read the previous post in this series here and the reason behind it here

I have known this woman all my life, like literally, ever since I became aware of myself as an individual. Growing up, she was the one I looked up to. I placed her on this pedestal and wanted to be just like her. I mimicked everything she did, tried to speak like her, and most of the clothes I had growing up were hers; hand-me-downs which I absolutely loved because that was me one step closer to “being just like her”.

Who is she, you ask? Well, her name is Bukola Omole (nee Arowosafe), my big sister. And why did I want to be like her? Because in my eyes, she was perfect. She was the perfect role model a teenage girl going through puberty and clueless as ever, could ask for. Continue reading “Bukola Omole: Strength”


Gloria Ballason: Fearless

I wrote here a while back that I would do a post on the amazing people who inspire me, so in the spirit of sharing, here goes! So I decided to do a series of posts because putting them all in one post would result in one very long post that well, the length might chase y’all away. I am going to be drawing from my personal experience/ encounters with them and the virtues deposited in me. Note: This is not a biography. Why am I doing this? Other than to share these awesome people with you (don’t say I never gave you anything), I also want to celebrate the people who have (and are still) inspiring me to be and do better and also to remind myself that I too can aspire to ‘greatness’. So without further ado, let us begin…

I was fresh out of service and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. Everybody who knew me knew I had always nursed this idea about a career in the media industry. Continue reading “Gloria Ballason: Fearless”