Lilly Singh: Superwoman

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I was slacking off on Instagram on this fateful day (we all do it) when I came across someone’s post tagging this young lady. I clicked and thus began my sojourn in Unicorn Island. This was my first encounter with Lilly (two lls as she would always insist) Singh aka Superwoman. I checked her Instagram timeline and was amazed by this person that I had no idea existed up until that moment. Lilly is a YouTuber who makes funny videos. That’s what she does for a living. Her goal? To make people happy. Now, what makes this all so incredible is her story. She used to be a really sad person and she battled with depression. When she came out of it, she decided to make it her life’s mission to put a smile on other people’s faces. You laugh, she laughs. And that was how her journey into making YouTube videos started. It grew, and evolved into this big community of people, TeamSuper, who draw strength from her, who are inspired to be happy and live happier lives. Her YouTube channel has grown in the last five years with 11Million subscribers. Continue reading “Lilly Singh: Superwoman”