I have been wanting to create an about page for the longest time because I realise that one of the first things I do when I visit any site is to check out the about page and if you are like me, that’s why you are here. So I figured I would just do it and define what this is… but first things first!

About Yemisi

Yemisi is a lawyer (one ‘about page’ is not enough to explain this. Buy me coffee and we’ll talk. Lol), media enthusiast and budding photographer. I read a lot and I’m somewhat introverted. I enjoy my own company waaaay too much, it’s frightening. Lol. I love movies and a good cup of tea. 😉

I enjoy writing and I have convinced myself that my ideas are worth sharing, hence Musingz.

About Musingz

This is the place where I collect my thoughts and distill them to create whatever comes out of them. Okay, more plainly, this is a lighthearted blog where I write the things in my head about life from my point of view. I pretty much write any and everything so you would see fiction, the occasional rants, the joke I call poetry, some inspirational stuff, reviews (books and movies). There’s really no pattern, it’s all here. Because I like to make lists, here’s a list of the categories so you have an idea of what I’m talking about:

Fiction: For all things fiction. Short stories, flash fiction etc.

Reflection: For that deep stuff.

Inspiration: Some notes on things that inspire me and that I think might inspire others.

Lagos Chronicles: My ‘wacky’ and a bit humorous take on life in Lagos. I don’t make this stuff up.

My Boss and I: Short-lived series written by a friend, based on his antics with his former boss. No, he wasn’t fired, he left to find greener pastures (you would understand this better when you read the posts).

Random: This is where you find the occasional rants and other random posts.

So that’s it, folks! Brace yourselves and dig in!

Or maybe I’m just kidding myself and nobody actually cares about what I write? In any case, humour me all the same and feed my delusion. Thank You and God bless!



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