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Bukola Omole: Strength

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I have known this woman all my life, like literally, ever since I became aware of myself as an individual. Growing up, she was the one I looked up to. I placed her on this pedestal and wanted to be just like her. I mimicked everything she did, tried to speak like her, and most of the clothes I had growing up were hers; hand-me-downs which I absolutely loved because that was me one step closer to “being just like her”.

Who is she, you ask? Well, her name is Bukola Omole (nee Arowosafe), my big sister. And why did I want to be like her? Because in my eyes, she was perfect. She was the perfect role model a teenage girl going through puberty and clueless as ever, could ask for. It wasn’t because she gave me the best advice or sat me down to have “the talk” (no one ever had the talk with me by the way. New generation parents, please do better) but I drew strength from the way she lived. In my young mind, she seemed to have it all figured out; she was in the university, she had cool friends, she loved God, she was a singer in Church (she has an amazing voice), she was tidy and she was just well put together and from a young age, I just wanted to be that well put together.
And as a result of the huge age difference between us, I was her kid sister and I got treated as such. So we weren’t close like “BFFs telling each other about boys and the girls who were making life miserable for us.” She was just my cool big sister.

My earliest and fondest memories of her would be her teaching me songs. She would write lyrics to some of her favourite songs in a notebook and then teach them to me. I relished these moments until there was a particular song I seemed not to be getting and she got frustrated with me and gave up and I think that was the end of music lessons. Lol

Now that I’m all grown up, I realise that she probably didn’t have it all figured out as I thought she had. Now I know she must have struggled with a lot in the process of adulting. She must have had a hard time figuring out what she wanted to do with her life. At a point, she thought she would be a chef (went to cooking school for a year and all) and then she thought she would turn her love for makeup into a business and just become a makeup artist until she found the beauty and skincare industry and the rest is history.

She never seemed shattered; to me, she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battles she’s won. – (author unknown)

One of the things I love about this woman is her strength. She doesn’t think she’s strong but she couldn’t be more wrong. I have seen her go through things that would break someone else with such grace. She will panic at first o, but then she picks herself up and keeps going. Most of all is her strength of character. She has such strong values and a deep sense of self that leaves me in awe.

I also admire her resilience and tenacity at going for what she wants. She keeps working till she gets it right. She’s a constant source of inspiration for me and right now, I’m loving this new phase in our relationship. I’m no longer “the kid sister”, I’m now her friend. I couldn’t be more elated at this turn of events because that’s all I’ve ever really wanted; to be in her circle, to be “her person”.

So I am celebrating my sister today, not just because it’s her birthday today, but because she deserves to be celebrated. Strong women should be celebrated. Thank you for being the best role model a girl could ask for by just living and letting your light shine. I hope I am as good an inspiration to others coming after me as you have been to me. Keep soaring sis, keep shining. I’m rooting for you.

And guys, she runs a skincare brand, Ovelly Naturals, and she has ahhmazing products (shameless plug, I know. Lol) and I’m not just saying that cos she’s my sister but because she does. You should totally check her out on Instagram!



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