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Lately, I have been having conversations in my head (yes, I do that. That’s not weird at all) about what true beauty really is, majorly because of all of the increasingly popular trends in makeup like contouring etc. and all of the crap out there that dictate how a woman should look and if you don’t look like that, well…
This was one of the reasons why I jumped at the opportunity to do this shoot when I was approached by my friend but majorly because I think she is beautiful and flawlessly so.



What is beauty really? Is it in your fully made up face? I have nothing against makeup but my concern lies where you don’t feel or think you are beautiful without it. Beauty is in the mind. It is in the confidence that you have that you are beautiful regardless of the flaws that you have. It is in the strength of your character. It is in the way you walk, shoulders squared, chin up, confident in your own skin. It is walking into a room and not feeling the need to cower in the corner or dissolve into the background because beauty isn’t in only how you look, it is in how your mind works as well.


This shoot represents all of these and more. We tried to portray this with no makeup, her natural hair, serene environment, with the rocks contrasting against the sky, and just the confidence with which she owned every pose because this young lady is one of the most confident people I know and I wanted that to shine through.


In essence, beauty is confidence in who you are and letting that shine through. This might be construed as pride and that’s okay because it isn’t pride, it’s just a healthy self-confidence which is worth more than whatever anybody else thinks about you. So do what makes you happy and not because that’s what you think the standards are.

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful. -Sophia Loren


Thanks to Ifeoluwa Babatope for being confident in her own skin and for being patient with me as I tried to capture these images to the best of my ability and working with available resources. There’s beauty in not giving up too. That’s the only way we learn, that’s the only way we grow.

Thank you all for indulging me as well. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you really think. Ese pupo.



19 thoughts on “Beauty”

  1. “…because beauty isn’t in only how you look, it is in how your mind works as well..”
    This is soo beautiful and true. Words to be framed and hung!
    You have such a gorgeous talent, Yem!
    Thank you for sharing this piece, it filled my heart with light and happiness 😍😍

    1. Thanks girl! I always look forward to a comment from you, it’s like ice cream on a hot day! Thanks for the kind words and I’m glad it resonated with you. 😊

  2. I waaaaannnnntttt my own photoshoot too…
    This is really nice… We all need a re-orientation of what beauty is.. Thanks for sharing..
    nice pictures as always…

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