Photography, Reflection


I am learning that I like to capture moments. You know those moments between a perfect pose and the next? That uninhibited laughter, that knowing smile or chuckle or that random facial expression. These shots are sometimes imperfect because they are like spur of the moment-you-miss-them-when-you-are-not-looking, but I believe that there’s beauty even in this imperfection. It’s a moment when your subject is freer, you catch a glimpse of a naughty or playful side or sneak peek into the essence of who they really are and being able to capture this moment and freeze it for all time, brings a certain kind of joy to my heart.

IMG_9408DSC_9202 edited

Perfect and coordinated poses are great but those moments of total unawareness infuses some form of authenticity into the process. we often miss these moments and such is the way life is, we get so focused and caught up in trying to capture the perfect pose that we fail to enjoy the moments in between.

I’m learning to see and enjoy the moments in between cos these moments are all part of the story and as a budding storyteller, one who seeks to tell compelling stories, I wish to be authentic in my telling.


Are you getting caught up in life that you miss the little moments in between? You might want to stop to smell the coffee from time to time, cos these moments might be the fuel you need to keep going and let’s face it, years down the line, you remember the moments and how they made you feel more than anything else.



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