Money For Keg

Some weeks ago, my friend and I went to get fuel for the gen. The filling station was just a mere 10 minutes walk from the house so we decided to take a stroll. I had been given prior information that the place was dead and most times they wouldn’t even have fuel.

Yes, the place was dead — one of the attendants was even lying on the floor — but lucky for us, there was fuel. We told her the quantity we wanted and when she was done my friend gave her the money but she didn’t give us change. Instead, she said, “money for keg”.

And I was there like, which keg? There was a car driving in so my friend pulled me away. She then told me that they sometimes collect money for keg. Again, I was there like, which keg? Is she the one who gave me the keg? Am I borrowing it from her? Like I don’t understand. So I’ll bring my keg all the way from my house to buy fuel and then you will charge me for selling fuel inside the keg? What? It’s not her fault sha, it’s because we had change. If I had given her the exact money, will she be collecting any money for keg?

This is part of what is wrong with us in this country — kickbacks. I doubt that money is going to management! I know filling station attendants aren’t exactly earning six figures (that’s a bigger problem and that’s not why we are here), but the lack of integrity, even in the little things, is what bothers me. Please, enough of the this is Nigeria, anything goes statement. Can we begin to hold ourselves to a certain standard of integrity? If we are to demand better from our leaders, can we demand better from ourselves? The filling station attendant of today can become the Local Government Chairman tomorrow. S/he will think it’s okay to be collecting “money for keg” on a larger scale.

Image: pixabay.com


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