My Boss and I

My Boss and I (6)

Ok, I will try not to bore you with this one but it has to be said.
I have and will always attach value to life (whether humans or animals) but I must confess that a human life is far more valuable to me than that of an animal. If a monkey was writing this (I know, just humour me), it would have asserted that a monkey’s life was more valuable.

This is a monkey

Where am I going with this? I am glad you asked. Some time last two weeks or so, there was this video of a 17 year old gorilla named Harambe and the 3 years old boy that crawled into its cave.
I watched the video on YouTube and even though I knew that the child was not hurt, I was scared he was gonna die while I was watching the video. Folks took to social media to express their anger on why the gorilla was killed and all, and my boss happens to be one of those folks who think mediation would have done the magic. He argued that the gorilla was only protecting the child (maybe he has watched Tarzan).
The argument between us was fierce that I thought he was gonna fire me from my job. So we had to declare; ‘No victor, No vanquished’.

So on Monday, I had to help him pick up his children from school. On our way back, I decided to stop at an eatery and get them ice cream. The service was slow so we were delayed. My boss called and asked where we were and that was when the thought came to me.
“We are at the zoo”. I replied.
The man shouted, “What! What are you doing there?”.
“The kids said they wanted to see what a gorilla looked like, so I brought them here. We are even looking at one now”.
Suddenly, I started shouting over the phone “Oh my God! It is trying to get out of its cage, Oh my God! Oh my God!”. I just kept shouting and ended the call.

When I got to the office, he was not there. So I asked the secretary where he had gone to and she replied, “he ran out, saying he was going to the zoo”.
I just packed my things and headed home straight.



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