My Boss and I

My Boss and I (4)

So I got this message on Thursday: “Mr. My Boss and I, I can’t say I don’t find your work interesting, but I think you intentionally instigate your boss to do silly things so that you can have a story.”

Now, I can’t really deny that, but I think sometimes my boss instigates me to instigate him.
For example, on Friday after work he suggested we go out and have fun and said, “we are going to the park since it’s children’s day. I want to mark children’s day for you.”
I agreed and on getting there, I suggested we ride the roller coaster and insisted he joins me.
By the time that thing started moving ehn, it was slowly at first o, then suddenly the thing started going soooooo fast and veeeeeery high.

My oga was just shouting: “Jesus Jesus Jesus, Blood of Jesus, My Father please deliver me, Jesus save me!”
Me I was just laughing my ass out (although I felt a little scared) .

When we got down, he was just throwing up all over the place. I simply drove him home, handed him over to his family and went my way.
You know that’s not my fault. *Shrugs*

You can check out episodes one, two, three.


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