My Boss and I

My Boss and I (3)

Since I started the My boss and I series in February, I have been getting a lot of feedbacks; comments, messages, constructive criticisms and the other kind of criticism, on my blog, Instagram, twitter, Facebook and others.
On Monday, last week, I got this message via email:

“Dear Ameh, I have been following your series on you and your boss and I must confess that I look forward to new things from you everyday. Thanks for the little laughter you try to force out even when I’m down.
P.S. Expect your sack letter soon o *lol* “

I think that last paragraph was meant to be a joke, but it kinda sounded like a prophecy to me and that was when I had an epiphany; “what if my boss is actually planning to sack me in the most humiliating way ever?”.
Mehn! I couldn’t sleep well all through that week.
So an idea struck me. I was gonna find out what my boss was planning.

So on Friday, I drafted a letter of appointment using the letterhead of a very popular firm in Abuja and took it to my boss.
“Sir I got employed” I said excited. His eyes widened in shock, “employed?” he asked, now a bit confused too, so I handed the letter to him.

At this point the man was so devastated that he was almost crying.
He started saying things like: “What did I ever do to you? “Did I offend you?” “See if you want me to increase your salary, I will.”

When I noticed he was going to cry, I told him I was just joking and that I just wanted to know if he was planning to fire me.
He got so angry, he told me to get out of his office.
As I was walking out I said, “sir, about that salary increment, are you serious about it?”
Angrily he said “get out of my office before I sack you.”



You can catch up on the first instalment here and the second, here.


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