My Boss and I

My Boss and I (1)

April 8,2016 at about 12:30pm

I just got back from running an errand for my boss. After some small talk about the fuel scarcity my boss suddenly asked, “Can you drive?”. Knowing where this was going I responded with “it depends sir”.

“It depends on what?” he enquired

So I sharply said,  “It depends on how much fuel is in the car. I can’t drive a car without full tank”. The man just stood there looking at me. And while walking out of the office,  said “you know I can sack you now right? Because you know I want to send you to filing station you are talking rubbish”.

Absolute silence from my end………..

I just hope my April salary doesn’t come on 28th of may……….. NO FUEL, NO LIGHT.



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