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Lessons from a six year old

Couple of days ago, my six year old nephew ran to his mum and I to show us his shaky tooth. I could see the fear on his face because he wasn’t sure what was going on. I guess he was thinking his teeth was fine couple of days back so what could have happened to cause this. Immediately we saw it, we just screamed in excitement with the “ooohs and aaahs! Someone is becoming a big boy!” And immediately he saw our reactions, his face relaxed and he broke into the most amazing smile ever. Well if they are excited about it, then it can’t be that bad. In the space of those few seconds, I caught a glimpse of what God wants from us. My nephew was reassured that it was a great thing happening just from our reaction and he started dancing around.

And I remembered how we are asked to be like little children, trusting entirely, having no fear. When we go to Him and we are reassured that all things are working for our good, He expects us to believe it, not harboring doubt of any shade. It might not look like it, that situation might be hard and painful but trust that in the middle of all of that, He never fails and His word remains.

Now my nephew is definitely going to feel some pain on this journey of loosing and growing a tooth but you know what, he’ll be fine simply because in his little mind, his mum has told him it’s one of the hallmarks of becoming a big boy.

When harrowing situations come, we need to be like a six year old and believe when God says he’s got you, He’s got you indeed.


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