Na wa oh!

Warning: This is me ranting!

I do not know how we believe we can get away with doing anything we want. Where did we get off behaving badly and expecting that there would be no repercussions? It is the Nigerian system, you say. There’s probably something in the water that just automatically configures our minds. We have so mastered the art of corruption that you would think there was a playbook or something. And the shameful way we just go around ‘doing anyhow’  and then we justify it with “Na Naija we dey”,  is just disgusting, to put it mildly.
That a person walks to a bank ATM, slots in his card and types 1,000 naira and 2,000 naira was dispensed or 5,000 naira and you got 10,000 naira. Obviously, something’s not right. Something in your head should tell you to walk into the bank,  alert one of the officials, so the problem can be fixed. But rather than do that, you walk away with the money. Not even for one second did you think about how unusual that was or whether a mistake had been made and maybe someone’s job would be on the line for that error. And when you get a call that there was an error in your transaction and you were over paid, ergo, you need to bring back the excess, you claim not to have known that there was an error. Really?! The 5000 naira you wanted to withdraw didn’t feel extra heavy in your hands when it was dispensed? Or 1000 naira has suddenly become two 1000 naira notes? Okay, let’s just say you didn’t know, now that you have been informed nko? And asked to bring back the excess, you don’t. Wow! And to think that you didn’t know!


If the ATM had under paid you. Ehn! You would unleash World War 3!
Or the market woman who puts a little dent in her tin so she can sell a lesser quantity of crayfish and pocket the difference?
Then we scream and light up social media with how this isn’t the change we asked for? Give me a break! I’m in no way supporting the government here nor am I giving them a free pass but I am much more concerned about you. Yes, you.
You who favours one child over the other and it is so obvious that the other children feel slighted.

You who would throw your gala wrapper and empty bottle of “finju” milk out the window just because.

You who would pocket the change after running an errand. You think the person who sent you on that errand had no idea that there would be change? “ehn, oga go still say make I keep am”.

images (9)

When did you become a mind reader? At least bring it back first.

You that would sabotage your colleague at work just to get ahead. What happened to good old fashioned hard work and honesty (the same qualities we demand from our leaders at different levels)? When it doesn’t favour you, they become lofty concepts that you can never live up to. You are only human after all.

You that would hike the money you were asked to pay in school adding an unnecessary sub-head, “miscellaneous”. We all know that’s bull! Then we scream bloody murder when the national budgets are spiked. Talk about double standards! You might say it’s not the same thing but isn’t it? The only difference is that the latter is on a much larger scale with much more casualties and not just your unsuspecting parents.

You that would say, with no shame whatsoever, that “I would also take my own share of the ‘national cake’ if I ever get into power”. How messed up is that!


That is why you will never get there! Or you that would rob your organisation blind? Oh, forgive them for thinking you were an honest and trustworthy human being and decided to make you treasurer! Oh,  if only they knew that you housed that never satisfied, always wanting more green eyed monster. Need I go on? WE NEED TO DO BETTER fam! Each and everyone one of us, in whatever corner we find ourselves.

As I do not have a more grandiose ending for this, I would just end it.


7 thoughts on “Na wa oh!”

  1. I often times don’t like jumping in on discussions about Nigeria; I believe I love my country, since I don’t have another. Late last month (Nov. ’16), I for whatever reason got into an discussion about ‘which is the cause and which is the effect’, the people or the System we are in as Nigerians. It was a tricky question for me, it was like debating whether the Egg came before the Mother Hen, or the Mother Hen before the Egg. Everyone that rose into a leadership position(power) in Nigeria was once a floor member like you and I. In my part, I will be a light, if ever I fail, I’ll try again, as that’s the least I can do for my dear Country.

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